MISSHA Time Revolution Artemisia Jelly Sheet Mask (23g)

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MISSHA Time Revolution Artemisia Jelly Sheet Mask is jelly sheet mask drenched in double fermented Artemisia Annua Extract gives hydrating and soothing benefits to your skin.

Artemisia extract with the Strong Vitality from the sea breeze undergoes a two fold natural fermentation process.

This is a plump jelly textured soothing moisture mask that is infused with only a single ingredient.

MISSHA Time Revolution Artemisia Jelly Sheet Mask (23g)


[Dermatologically Tested]

#Artemisia Jelly Sheet Mask #moisture&oil balance 

1. Pros

  • Suitable for those with Oily/ Combination, Sensitive Skin.
  • Suitable for those who want mild, comfortable moisture.
  • Suitable for those who want a 1 day, 1 mask that is moisturizing without any stickiness.
  • When going on vacation or business trip: Soothe your sensitive skin from the UV Rays and External Environment.
  • If you have Sensitive, dry skin: Care for your irritated skin for it to become soothed, bright and radiant.
  • If you want to use a face mask but do not want to burden skin: Contains 100% Artemisia extract for double soothing & moisture care for tired, dry skin.
  • If previous face masks dried quickly and took away moisture from skin: Artemisia Jelly Mask Sheet that is infused with moisture supplies long lasting moisture to skin.
  • Natural Double fermentation method with gentle and soothing composition.
  • Skin irritation tested.

    2. Concept

    • A Single Ingredient, 100% Artemisia Extract: Contains only single ingredient, 100% Artemisia extract to relieve skin from any discomfort that can come with multiple ingredients.
    • Double Soothing & Moisture Care For Clear Radiance: Soothes tired, dry skin and adds mild moisture for clean, dewy skin with clear radiance.
    • Plump Jelly Textured Sheet: A mask sheet infused with Artemisia extract ingredients has a plump texture like jelly, that completely adheres to skin for long lasting, cooling, dewy moisture.

    MISSHA Time Revolution Artemisia Ampoule (50ML)

    Artemisia from Ganghwa Island is put in a traditional Korean pot and uses MISSHA's original fermentation technology and undergoes twofold natural fermentation and aging for previous fermented Artemisia extract ingredients.

    Contain deeper, stronger fragrance and efficacy by undergoing a twofold fermentation and aging process (once in the heat, and once in the cold)*.

    The above information is limited to the characteristics of the raw ingredient.

    MISSHA Time Revolution Artemisia

    Ganghwa Island is a place with a low number of natural disasters, the mild oceanic climate from the sea and moderate salinity makes the place serene.

    ARTEMESIA with sea breeze of Ganghwa Island is harvested in an environment full of minerals, surrounded by the sea. We harvest it during September in which there's the maximum amount of active properties within ARTEMISIA.

    Exploring the Formula of Artemisia Jelly Sheet Mask

    Explore the plump jelly textured sheet that creates dewy, radiant skin!

    1. #cooling sensation

    Jelly sheet that plumps up to feel like a thin layer of ice for cooling effects.

    (A test image that uses a mini sample sheet mask that is different from the actual shape and size).

    2. #dewy sensation

    Jelly sheet with long lasting dewiness without any moisture loss!

    (Contains 100% Artemisia extract so the sheet may have the yellowish color of Artemisia ingredient).

    MISSHA Time Revolution Artemisia

    MISSHA Time Revolution Artemisia

              4. Main Ingredients

              MISSHA Time Revolution Artemisia

              • The plant ARTEMISIA is a medicinal herb, which was well known in medieval Egypt and Greece. It has a soothing effect on the skin.

              5. Directions

              • After cleansing, apply toner.
              • Put the mask on your face making sure to match the eyes, nose and mouth area and press the sheet so it adheres completely to skin.
              • Leave on for 10-20 minutes and peel off the mask.
              • Lightly pat on the remaining essence.
              • TIP:
                • After putting the mask on your face, lightly rub the sheet with your fingers for the moisturizing ingredients in the sheet to burst for longer dewiness.
              MISSHA Time Revolution Artemisia
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                MISSHA Time Revolution Artemisia


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