MISSHA Seven Days Coloring Hair Treatment (Smoke Blue) (25ml)

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Seven Days of Beauty! The secret to Ombre Hair! Coloring hair treatment helps enjoy hair color change for 7 days with 5-minute simple procedure.

MISSHA Seven Days Coloring Hair Treatment (Smoke Blue) (25ml)

Color: Smoke Blue

Note: Individual results may vary.

1. Pros

  • Vivid color trendy hair look express, color lasting for 7 days to experience various hair colors in short days.
  • No worries about damage.
  • Easy & Fast coloring, can finish in 5 minutes.
  • Highly concentrate ampoule ingredient coats hair for shiny hair color.

2. Concept

  • Ombre Hair with Trendy and Vivid Hair Colors: You can have trendy colors vividly for 7 days (average) which leads you to experience various hair colors for a short period of time. 
  • Simple and Easy Ombre Dyeing in 5 Minutes: It is a treatment type hair dye product that creates vivid colors only in 5 minutes. It is even unnecessary to mix up several hair colorants. 
  • Nutrition with Highly Enriched Ampoule: Highly enriched ampoule coats hair, making hair shiny and glossy.
  • 7 colors options available as follow:
    • No.1 Gold Yellow
    • No.2 Lavender Purple
    • No.3 Red Orange
    • No.4 Smoke Blue
    • No.5 Cherry Red
    • No.6 Khaki Green
    • No.7 Pink Brown
    • No.8 Aqua Mint
    • No.9 Ash Gray

    MISSHA Seven Days Coloring Hair Treatment

    3. Main Ingredients

    MISSHA Seven Days Coloring Hair TreatmentMISSHA Seven Days Coloring Hair Treatment
    • Camellia Oil: For hair conditioning.
    • Enriched Ampoule (Keratin, Collagen, Silk Amino Acid, Panthenol): For intensive nutrition care.

    4. Directions

    • After shampoo, do not apply conditioner or hair treatment and towel dry your hair.
    • Apply the color treatment on the area where you want to dye.
    • After 5 minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water.(For more vivid color, you can leave 5~10 minutes more.)
    • Dry your hair completely with hair dryer.
    • TIP for Natural Ombre (Two Tone) Hair:
      • Tie your hair high up untill you want to apply the color treatment to make your hair dyed evenly.
      • Use a wide tooth comb to brush your hair where the color treatment is applied to make naturally divided two tone.
    MISSHA Seven Days Coloring Hair Treatment


      • As some of color will come after shampooing, it is recommended to use separate towel to dry your hair as the color may run.
      • After shampoo, if your hair is still wet, the color may be stained on clothes,  bedding so please dry your hair completely with hair dryer. 
      • After completely dry your hair, colors will not be easily washed off. 
      • Color will begin to fade for 2-3 days and it can fade when in contact with snow or rain so please be careful. (Color fading period varies depending on the person.) 
      • If you have natural hair undyed or dark tone hair, the color may not be obvious.

      To have better color effect, use it together with MISSHA Shine Blonde Hair Bleach: