MISSHA Professional Highlighter Brush (1P)

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MISSHA Professional Highlighter Brush is a highlighter brush for T-zone and C-zone with perfect tension mixing goat hair and synthetic hair at the golden ratio (6:4) for your 3-dimensional and gorgeous makeup.

It increases the completeness of the makeup like a pro with a brush in perfect shape and material make-up for each steps without causing irritation to skin.

MISSHA Professional Highlighter Brush (1P)
1 piece
Fibers: Goat Hair + Synthetic Hair / Handle: Wood / Ferrule: Aluminium

1. Pros

  • The makeup brush to help instill a higher grade of precision in whoever holds it.
  • The shape and material of the brush are customized for each makeup step. They help provide the same effect as professional makeup. 
  • The makeup brush to help provide a pleasant feel. The ultra-fine hair of the brush expresses intricate makeup as it softly touches the skin without causing any irritation.
  • Perfect tension mixing goat hair and synthetic hair and easy application for thin and natural makeup.
  • Included a brush pouch, it keeps the brush clean.
2. Concept
  • Gives Beginners Professional Results: A high quality brush with the right texture and shape for every step of your makeup regimen, allows even beginners to achieve professional results.
  • Glamorous hair and comfortable grip for easy makeup.
  • Soft Texture: Tapered fibers provide for a super soft texture that doesn't irritate the skin and allows for more natural-looking makeup application.
  • Perfect tension mixing goat hair and synthetic hair at the golden ratio (6:4) helps to adhere the makeup on skin effectively to create flawless makeup and allow you to highlight specific areas of the face for more refined and expressive makeup.

      3. Materials

      • Fibers: Goat Hair + Synthetic Hair.
      • Handle: Wood.
      • Ferrule: Aluminum.

      4. Directions

      MISSHA Professional Highlighter Brush Direction

      • Apply highlighter with professional highlighter brush and sweep away on the back of hand to control the amount appropriately.
      • Stand the brush and touch T-zone and C-zone lightly.

              Clean Up Directions:

              MISSHA Professional Highlighter Brush Direction
              • Pour appropriate amount of cleanser into any bowl.
              • Using a brush cleanser, wash brush in lukewarm water rubbing gently with hands. The Brush Cleanser can be purchased separately here: MISSHA Deep Clean Brush Cleanser.
                • Note: Do not cleanse with hot water and do not dry with hair dryer - may damage bristles and change shape.
                MISSHA Point Shadow Brush [Italprism] Direction
                • The MISSHA Deep Clean Brush Cleanser can help to clean makeup brush with perfect detergency and with soft conditioner effect to maintain the quality of the brush.
                • Put the brushes into the cleanser. Move the brush around in circular motion for cleansing.
                • Wash the brush with water.
                • Dry the brush with towel.
                • Hang the brush upside down in shaded and airy area.