MISSHA My Pocket MoodnMore Palette (No2. Rozy Bar) (8.5g)

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MISSHA My Pocket Moodnmore Palette is a cashmere texture eyeshadow and cheek blusher in single palette that enable you to create Day & Night look easily like a professional.

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Color: No.2 Rozy Bar
Weight: 8.5g
Lovely Pink To Make Your Everyday Sweeter and Merrier!

1. Pro

  • A day to night multi-pocket palette sets the mood that you are looking for.
  • Shadow and blusher in one palette.
  • Lightweight palettes. Easy and light to carry around.
2. Concept
  • A Day To Night Multi Mood Bar That Can Do Everything In One Palette. Creates "Day & Night" Makeup with totally different moods for eye & cheek makeup.
  • Comfortable, soft texture of cashmere! A soft cashmere texture that softly melts and smoothly adheres!
  • Super Easy to Apply! Even makeup Beginners can apply like a Professional! During your busy morning and evening commute, a pallete that is super easy to apply! 

3. Texture/ Color

  • A secret to soft, cashmere texture!
  • *Matte Texture:
    • Soft Rolling Base + 3 Silky Complex
      • A Soft Rolling Base that heightens skin adherence and 3 Silky Complex that delivers softness for a smooth, soft, silky application.
  • *Glitter Texture:
    • Aurora Glitter Base + 3 Silky Complex: Glossy Oil and 3 Silky Complex
      • Deliver a silky smooth application like wet shadow, with various types of brilliant pearly glitter that brighten up your eyes.
  • *3 Silky Complex:
    • Pistachio Oil + Cotton Extract + Vanilla Bean Extract
      • Allows an incredibly soft application




    4. Main Ingredients:

    5. Direction

    End with 3 Touches!