MISSHA Modern Shadow Glitter Prism (Lucid Prism) (2g)

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MISSHA Modern Shadow Glitter Prism is an otherworldly, holographic glitter eye shadow infused with a variety of iridescent, prismatic, and metallic glitters for its dazzling galactic shine.

MISSHA Modern Shadow Glitter Prism (Lucid Prism) (2g)
MISSHA Modern Shadow Glitter Prism (Lucid Prism) (2g)
Color: Lucid Prism
Weight: 2g

1. Pros

  • Hand made eyeshadow with Granule Glitter with highest quality and glittering shine.
  • Most glittering shine with Prism Jewel Complex.
  • Great adherence and silky smooth texture.

2. Concept

What is "Granule Glitter"?

Granule Glitter is formulated by first, making 'Dot Granule" separately by infusing a variety of glitter pearls into highly-reflective oil for its prismatic, galactic shine, and then combing these Dot Granules manually into powder to get ready for the hand-pressing.

Why Hand-Made?

To minimize and protect glitter pearls from being damaged when automatically pressed by a machine -> A secret to Glitter PRISM's otherwordly glitter shine.

  • Hand Made Eye Shadow:
    • A premium glitter eyeshadow with special "Granule Glitters" that is manually combined and pressed to offer the highest quality, premium shine.

    • 20% More! Otherwordly Glitter Shine:
      • Infused with *Prism Jewel Complex together with a variety of holographic glitter pearls to give off its jewel-crusted, otherwordly, galactic shine
      • * A complex of diamond/saphire/amethyst/ruby/pearl powder. 
    • Silky-Smooth Texture:
      • Contains silicone gel for its silky smooth texture with advanced adherence for even and smooth application.

      3. Color

    MISSHA Modern Shadow Glitter Prism Color Chart

    4. Directions

    * Product used below: #kitten prism
    • This bouncy texture is applied best when using fingers.
    • Using a sponge tip brush, apply the shadow following under eyelines.
    • TIP:
      • Tissue off or powder down the excess oil around the eyes for longer-lasting color.
    • NOTICE:
      • The texture can be delicate and brittle due to the high % containment of the highly-reflective oil in the formula.
      • When picking up the shadow, press the shadow surface gently.