MISSHA Double Air In Puff (1P)

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Double Air In Puff is the special puff provides even more cooling feel with superior air permeability by double air cell and the round shape with empty inside. It is slightly bigger than the normal puff.

MISSHA Double Air In Puff (1P)

Size: 56x56x7mm
Material: Wet Process Polyurethane
Quantity: 1 piece

1. Pros

  • Apply a base makeup with better moisturizing and cooling benefits.
  • Replacement puff for MISSHA Signature Essence Cushion range.
  • It densely adheres to the skin without containing abundant contents due to the thin film inside the film.
  • Provide cooling effect when used on skin.
  • Faster completion of makeup with big size puff.
  • Cushion you want to tap continuously: Continuous tapping of cushion helps to deliver abundant moisture and cooling effect for skin.
      2. Concept
      • Designed with double air cell and the round shape with empty inside to enable cooling effect when using it on the skin.
      MISSHA Signature Essence Cushion [Watering] SPF50+ PA+++ (No.21) (15gm)
      • Moisturizing with double layer air cell: Double layer air cell which has an empty space inside can provide better cooling and moisturizing benefits with a great breathability.
      • No Waste! Economy Puff: It has a thin film layer inside, so it doesn't absorb the content much. You can use the base makeup product economically.
      • Smooth base makeup with high adherence: It helps make a smooth and sleek skin as if tapping it more.
      • With breathable 56mm size big puff, complete quick makeup. It's sufficient with 4 times taps on the face.
        MISSHA Signature Essence Cushion [Watering] SPF50+ PA+++ (No.21) (15gm)

        Perfect puff replacement combination with MISSHA Signature Essence Cushion!

        MISSHA Double Air In Puff (4P)

        A perfect match puff to add cooling and moisturizing benefits to moist essence cushion.
        It is a same product with the puff in MISSHA Signature Essence Cushion.
        But you can also use it with Tension Pact.

        MISSHA Signature Essence Cushion [Covering] SPF50+ PA+++

        Example: When using the MISSHA Double Air In Puff with MISSHA Signature Essence Cushion.
        3. Materials
        • Well-Processed Polyurethane

        4. Directions

        MISSHA Double Air In Puff (4P)
        • Apply an appropriate amount of base products (BB Cream, Concealer, Foundation) on puff and gently tap from inside to outside of face.
        • Tip! Easy way to have a radiant skin! If you want to express a radiant skin without a cakey makeup, please use by sprinkling mist or water on the puff. It helps to express radiant skin.