MISSHA Dare Rouge To Go Kit (Limited Edition) (1.2g x 6ea)

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MISSHA Dare Rouge To Go Kit is a limited edition lipstick kit with 6 Best Sellers Dare Rouge lipsticks - all in one kit in miniature size! Different lip color looks are available with nude and vivid hues.

MISSHA Dare Rouge (Velvet) with innovative, long-wearing, rich pigmented lipsticks with a porcelain-soft, velvety finish.

These 6 trendy lipstick colors are Young Boss, Gentle Rose, Ginger Crush, Born To Peach, Mala Red, Queen Devil.

MISSHA Dare Rouge To Go Kit (Limited) (1.2gx6ea)

MISSHA Dare Rouge To Go Kit (Limited) (1.2gx6ea)

1.2g x 6 ea

MISSHA Dare Rouge To Go KIT

1. Pros

  • Soft, velvety formula provides for easy application.
  • Vibrant, long-lasting color.
  • Lightweight, flawless, velvet finish.
      2. Concept

      Dare Rouge

      • The Next Velvet Lip Texture:
        • The Next Velvet Lip
          • MISSHA Dare Rouge features an innovative matte lipstick texture that blurs lip wrinkles, wears featherlight, gives porcelain-smooth velvety finish, yet delivering intensely strong and vivid colors.
        • Porcelain Velvet Finish:
          • Porcelain Velvet Gel TM:
            • MISSHA's trademark, innovative lipstick formulation technology that combines Soft Texture Gel with lip moisturizing properties for its porcelain-smooth, non-drying velvety finish.
        MISSHA Dare Rouge
        • UHD Vivid Colors:
          • Color UHD System
            • A micro-pigment technology that enables highly-saturated, vivid color payoff in one stroke.
        MISSHA Dare Rouge

                    3. Colors 

                    Young Boss

                    Dare Rouge Young Boss

                    Gentle Rose

                    Dare Rouge GENTLE ROSE

                    Ginger Crush

                    Dare Rouge Ginger Crush

                    Born To Be Peach


                    Mala Red

                    DARE ROUGE TO GO KIT MALA RED

                    Queen Devil

                    DARE ROUGE TO GO KIT_QUEEN DEVIL

                    Dare Rouge

                    Dare Rouge

                    MISSHA Dare Rouge (Velvet)


                    Color Chart

                    MISSHA Dare Rouge Velvet Color Chart

                    MISSHA Dare Rouge Velvet Color Chart

                    MISSHA Dare Rouge Velvet Color Chart

                    MISSHA Dare Rouge Velvet Color Chart

                    4. Directions

                    How To Layer:

                      Two Tone Lips

                        Dare Rouge To Go Kit - Mala Red Look

                        How To Use:

                          For Voluptuous Smudge Lips

                          1. Choose a lipstick color that matches your natural lip color. Apply the lipstick slightly oversized, 1-2mm bigger than your natural lip lines to create a fuller-looking lips.

                          2. Choose your choice of DARE ROUGE VELVET and apply directly into the center of lips.

                          3. Use a lip blending brush or a cotton swab to add more color, if necessary, and to gently blend out the colors.

                          How To Use:

                            For Nudy Moody (Tone On Tone) Makeup

                            Dare Rouge

                            Dare Rouge

                            How To Use:

                              Popping Topping*

                              * Popping Topping available separately.

                              MISSHA Dare Rouge (Velvet) Direction

                              1. For lips: apply popping topping into the center of lips to give a glamorous touch.

                              2. For Eyes & Face: apply popping topping on eyelids as a cream eye shadower on T-zones and C-zones as a highlighter.