MISSHA Dare Collection (Fairy Beads) (1 Set)

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MISSHA Dare Collection has lightweight, vibrant color, moisturizing and long lasting shadow, blusher and lipsticks in 1 pack for easy color blending makeup even for beginner.

MISSHA Dare Collection (Fairy Beads) contains following items:

  • Fairy Beads Palette (10gm/1ea).
  • Dare Rouge Velvet Mini Size Lipsticks (1.2gm/2ea).

    1. Pros

    • Contain lipstick, shadow, blushes in 1 pack.
    • Suitable for those who wants to shadow and blushes in a palette.
    • Easy combination of colors.
    • Soft, velvety formula provides for easy application.
    • Vibrant, long-lasting color.
    • Lightweight, flawless, velvet finish lipsticks.
    • Portable size for travelling usage.

          2. Concept

          MISSHA Dare Collection (Fairy Beads)