MISSHA Cotton Contour (Salted Hotchoco) (4g)

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MISSHA Cotton Contour is a cotton powder contour with velvety texture helps to provide three-dimensional look by blending naturally onto the face.

MISSHA Cotton Contour (Salted Hotchoco) (4g)


Weight: 4g
Color: Salted Hotchoco

MISSHA Cotton Contour

1. Pros

  • Non powdery soft texture to give soft blending.
  • Natural staining transparent vivid color.
  • Silky elastic powder high sebum control effect with soft color fit.

2. Product Info

MISSHA Cotton Contour

  • Soft and Velvety Texture: Soft and velvety texture that is less powdery which blends softly without clumping.

MISSHA Cotton Contour

  • Clear & Natural Looking Colors: Clear and vivid colors that naturally blends onto skin.

MISSHA Cotton Contour

  • Long Lasting Effect For All Day Long: Silky elastic powder provides excellent sebum control which softly adheres to skin.

3. Color

  •  Color options available as below:
MISSHA Cotton Contour Color Chart


    Color Chart

    MISSHA Color Contour

    4. Directions

    • Apply appropriate amount on your skin using makeup brush or sponge.