MISSHA Air In Puff (4P)

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MISSHA Air In Puff is a 3-layered puff helps you achieve an even makeup application. The middle layer sponge absorbs makeup content while the third layer helps makeup adhere to skin for better results. It also enables makeup to be long lasting.

MISSHA Air In Puff (1p)

Size: 55x55x7mm
Material: Wet Process Polyurethane
Quantity: 4 pieces

1. Pros

  • More even and natural makeup result with 3 layers puff designed.
  • Enabled cosmetic application to adhere to skin easily.

2. Concept

  • Moist and even base makeup with 3 layers structure: It helps make a moist and even base makeup by spray the content which is keeping in a middle sponge.

MISSHA Air In Puff (1p)

  • Sleek skin with high adherence as tapping is more! It helps enhance a makeup adherence and make a sleek skin as tapping it more by its Wet Process Polyurethane fabric.

MISSHA Air In Puff (1p)

3. Materials

  • Well-Processed Polyurethane

4. Directions

MISSHA Air In Puff (1p)
  • Apply appropriate amount of content on puff and gently tap following the skin texture.
  • Tip: If you want to express a radiant skin without a cakey makeup, please use by sprinkling mist or water on the puff. It helps to express radiant skin.