MISSHA 3-Wave Eyelash Curler (1P)

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MISSHA 3-Wave Eyelash Curler is 3-Wave Eyelash Curler that creates perfect C-Curl in one stroke without breaks.

MISSHA 3-Wave Eyelash Curler (1P)

Material: Steel, ABS, Silicone

1. Pros

  • Produce a perfect C-Curl with one use without breaking of eyelashes.
  • Material: Steel, ABS, Silicone
  • Even beginners can quickly and easily create the C-Curl on their eyelashes without any special skills.
  • It is a three-stage silicone to hold the lashes in three stages.
  • Easy to use.

2. Concept

MISSHA 3-Wave Eyelash Curler (1P) Concept

3 Layers Silicone Packing

  • Easy for Beginners: 3 layers Silicone Packing to take lashes in 3 stages, even beginner can curl up eyelashes quick and easy without any special skills.

MISSHA 3-Wave Eyelash Curler (1P)

*In the case of general eyelash color, it is necessary to divide it up several times while raise the hand a little so that you can produce a curve without a break.
  • Beautiful C-Curl without Break: Stop unnatural L-lashes! 3-layers silicone curled natural lashes without break as if borrows artist's hand, soft and beautiful C-Curled finish.
MISSHA 3-Wave Eyelash Curler (1P) Concept
  • No need to worry about cut eyelashes: Upper and lower cushioning design gives soft touch feeling to eyelashes.

3. Materials

  • Steel, ABS, Silicone

4. Directions

MISSHA 3-Wave Eyelash Curler (1P) Direction

  • Step 1: With the eyes closed halfway, put the eyelash curler head close to the eyelash root.
  • Step 2: Pick up a little bit and make sure the eyelids are not picked up, lift up your hands and lift up your eyelashes. Make sure the silicone pad is replaced after 3 months.


MISSHA 3-Wave Eyelash Curler (1P) Direction

  • After usage, please do not forget to clean the eyelashes curler with wet tissue before storing it.