MISSHA 3-Step Whitening Mask (15g, 22g, 1.5g)

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MISSHA 3-Step Whitening Mask is a 3 Steps Sheet Mask with Vitamin C for intensive whitening care that brightens the skin. The ingredient of Vitamin C helps even skin tone out and brighten the skin.

Each pack comes with following:

  • Essence (1.5g),
  • 1 Sheet mask (25g),
  • Cream (1.5g).
MISSHA 3step Whitening Mask (15g,22g,1.5g)

1. Pros

  • Quick & easy skincare.
  • Simple solution to targeted skincare as it is a 3-in-1-product.
  • Can be used at any time & everywhere especially when you are travelling.
  • Just one sheet mask with a systematic mask pack.
  • Vitamin C for intense brightening care will last for long hours.
  • Suitable for those who have dull and dark skin tone caused by exposure to UV rays and heat.
  • Suitable for those who want special intensive whitening care for bright skin.
2. Concept
MISSHA 3step Mask (15g,22g,1.5g)
  • Vitamin C provides intensive brightening care: Abundant strong moisture of Vitamin C helps brighten the skin.
  • Air pocket sheet effectively delivers active ingredients to the skinThe fine air pocket sheet containing moisturizing essence effectively helps deliver active ingredients to the skin.
  • A mini-skincare regimen in just one sheet: The all-in-one mask pack consisting of essence, mask and cream helps provide intensive care to the skin anytime and anywhere, with just one sheet.
MISSHA 3step Mask Collection
MISSHA 3step Mask (15g,22g,1.5g) Concept

MISSHA 3step Mask (15g,22g,1.5g) Concept

3. Main Ingredients

  • Vitamin C: Abundant Vitamin C provide clear skin tone + Brightening.

4. Directions

MISSHA 3step Whitening Mask (15g,22g,1.5g) Direction