MISSHA Cover Glow Cushion Set (No. 23/Sand)

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MISSHA Cover Glow Cushion Set is an exclusive kit for luminous coverage with a perfectly glowing finish that makes you looking in the mirror all day. "MISSHA Cover Glow Cushion" for radiant coverage meets "MISSHA Glow Sun Protection Base" for a smooth and radiant canvas to achieve a flawless makeup look.

MISSHA Cover Glow Cushion Set has the following items:

  • MISSHA Cover Glow Cushion No.23/Sand SPF45 PA++ (12g) (1 each)
  • MISSHA Glow Sun Protection Base SPF50+ PA+++ (35ml) (1 each)
  • MISSHA Tension Puff (Moist) (2P)
MISSHA Cover Glow Cushion Set (No.21N/Vanilla)

    MISSHA Cover Glow Cushion Set
    MISSHA Cover Glow Cushion Set
    MISSHA Cover Glow Cushion Set
    MISSHA Cover Glow Cushion Set
    MISSHA Cover Glow Cushion


    MISSHA Cover Glow Cushion

    1. Pros

    • Suitable for those who want to smooth out uneven skin surface and revive dull complexion.
    • Suitable for those who want light-wearing makeup with high-coverage.
    • Suitable for those who want naturally hydrating makeup, even for re-touches.
    • Flawless coverage with only a small amount.
    • Prism light brightens the complexion.
    • Skin looks plumper with moisture.
    • A functional cosmetic that provide anti-wrinkle, brightening and UV protection functions for your skin.

      2. Concept

      MISSHA Cover Glow Cushion Concept
      • Cover Glow System™: Cover Glow System offers radiant glow to skin while smoothing out and covering all skin imperfections.
      • MOIST PLUMPING COMPLEX™: Infused with MOIST PLUMPING COMPLEX for long-lasting hydration & lingering glow.
      • Lightwear & High Coverage: Micro cover pigments are soaked in the valley pattern of cushion sponge to offer high coverage with only a small pick-up amount for its light-wearing texture.
      MISSHA Cover Glow Cushion Clinical Test

      MISSHA Cover Glow Cushion Test

        MISSHA Cover Glow Collection
        MISSHA Glow Collection Comparison

          3. Color

          • Different colors available separately:
          MISSHA Cover Glow Cushion Colors
          MISSHA Glow Collection Model

          4. Key Ingredients

          • Narcussus Tazetta Bulb: Skin hydration & nutrition.
          • Tulip Flower Extract: Skin hydration.
          • Hydrolyzed Viola Tricolor Extract: Hydration & visually plump skin.
          • Five Essential Oils: Delightful Natural Aroma.
            • Citrus AurantiumAmara(Bitter Orange) Peel Oil.
            • Citrus AurantiumAmara(Bitter Orange) Leaf/Twig Oil.
            • Citrus AurantiumDulcis(Orange) Peel Oil.
            • Citrus Nobilis(Mandarin Orange) Peel Oil.
            • CanangaOdorataFlower Oil (YlangYlang).

          5. Directions

          MISSHA Glow
          • Take an appropriate amount on puff and gently pat along the skin texture.
          • Apply thin layer until desired coverage and glow is achieved.
          • Use MISSHA COVER GLOW SUN BASE before GLOW CUSHION to prepare an optimal canvas for a smoother, radiance-enhanced glow makeup look.