Time Revolution Immortal Youth

Prestige skin care line to provide immortal youth by extending life of skin cells.

MISSHA Time Revolution Immortal Youth is a prestige total anti-aging special skin care series to manage cell existence code which controls life of skin cells and vitality for immortal youth.

Most women have skin troubles with complex aging symptoms such as dryness, loss of firmness, wrinkles and dull complexions caused by stress from external harmful factors. To make come true women dream which want to maintain youthful skin, MISSHA Time Revolution Immortal Youth series find out solution for anti-aging from skin cell existence code.

Cell-Living Vector, extending life span of skin cells.

There are 2 kinds of Time Proteins of Sirtuin and Survivin which control cell being in skin cell. The best way to maintain beautiful and healthy skin is promoting revelation of Time Proteins to provide vitality and energy to the skin cells.

MISSHA Immortal Youth Range

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