MISA Cho Gong Jin

Premium Total Anti-Aging Oriental Herbal Series to fight the signs of aging. The precious oriental herbal ingredients meet with the modern science for greater effect on skin. Gongjinbichaekdan is the MISA Cho Gong Jin secret prescriptions to fight the signs of aging.

The Secret of Cho Gong Jin for Premium Anti-Aging Skin Care

Gongjinbichaekdan Story
Gongjinbichaekdan complex was developed by adding Black Ginseng and Rehmannia Glutinosa herb to the Gongjindan prescription in the Dongeuibogam ("Mirror of Eastern Medicine") ancient medical book from the era of the Joseon Dynasty. This combination has helped to strengthen the skin foundation and health of the skin to fight against aging by itself. At the same time, it helps to deliver a rich nourishing effect to the skin.

The valuable ingredients of Rehmannia Glutinosa herb and Black Ginseng, which are obtained through the oriental herbs processing technique of "Gujeunggupo" (steaming and drying under the sun for nine times each), improve greater nourishing effect of Gongjindan prescription.